20’s: The Decade of a Lifetime.

About two months ago, I turned 27 – an age of both internal panic, and glorious clarity.

The internal panic stems from many things, the root of it all – however, comes from the slow process of figuring out not only who you are…but who you want to be. And, when you begin to figure it out, that glorious clarity comes full circle. With all that said, getting there is a whole other story. In fact, it’s a journey – and I believe your 20′s are a lifetime all in itself.

Early 20′s (20 – 23):

Let’s be honest, if you screw this stage up by being an irresponsible party machine – you best be certain that you will be paying for it throughout the entire decade. Don’t fret, however, because I believe experiencing this is not only normal – it’s somewhat encouraged. To know what it is to be that drunk S.O.B ungracefully showing off their finest #WhiteGirlWasted booty pop on the dance floor, one must know it first hand. So, go ahead with your bad self – just don’t make it a habit. Waking up with that instant feeling of embarrassment in the pit of stomach is simply a foreshadow of the girl in their upper 20′s who should most definitely know better, because they are no longer young enough to pull it off.

Moving on, another thing one should experience to it’s fullest potential, while in their early 20′s, is playing the field. Now, let’s be straight – by no means am I saying that giving out the goods every time you have one too many Cosmos is appropriate…not at all. However, I am talking in reference of dating – and doing a lot of it. Unless you are part of the lucky few who marry their high school sweetheart (jerks…), it is going to take you a few tries to figure out who that “right” person is…trial and error is the perfect way to do so. Take it from me, I was in a way too committed relationship for my maturity level that crept into my early 20’s. Of course, I was blessed to have had experienced love at such a young age – however, it took me years to let go…resulting in a dating pattern that has been nothing less than a nightmare. I don’t mean to be harsh, but part of my job as a writer is to inform all of you the reality of many situations – and this is one of them. So to you, in your early 20′s, I say again…date a lot – and date often. You can play house when you’re old enough to know the difference between real and make-believe.

Mid 20’s (24 – 26):

Ladies, it’s time to get wifed up. Not really….but if it happens in this stage of your life – more power to ya. In all sincerity, I believe this time should be dedicated to your career, and becoming a grownup in general. Sometimes, myself included, we focus too much on finding love – and forget that establishing ourselves is far more important. For the most part, if you are struggling with finding a boyfriend or girlfriend – it is probably due to the fact that you don’t have it all together. It’s normal, don’t worry – but take these few years to figure it out.

Let’s start with the basics. If you have been taking your time getting your bachelor’s degree, put on your big kids pants and finish already. If you have been contemplating furthering your education..get to steppin’. If you have decided that you want to travel a bit before settling down, do it. Life is about pushing yourself to the level of your own self acceptance…make yourself proud.

During your mid 20’s, feel free to occasionally get drunk as if you’re still in college….at a frat house – slowly but surely forgetting what occurred five minutes prior. However, this is to be done only in the comfort of your family, core friends group, or an established boyfriend/girlfriend. Although finding your future spouse is not crucial during this time, we certainly do not want to scare away a potential life partner by getting all sloppy on the 2nd or 3rd meeting….not cute.

Once you have a feel of establishment, whether it be from education or a career, it may be time to start thinking about settling down…


Late 20’s (27-29):

It happened…You’ve reached the point of no return, and have come in full collision with your late 20’s. We all know what that means, the dreaded 30 is coming – and before you know it, a life insurance policy will be in your near future. Don’t panic, my dears – because I am here to reassure you that it is, in fact, going to be okay….I promise. Why? Because you have handled this decade with care, and whether you realize it or not – you are probably more of an adult than you ever thought possible. Cheers to that.

Now, I am new to this upper 20’s thing – but I must say that I’m very much a fan. I don’t know why, but 27 has, so far, been an eye-opening age. Don’t get me wrong, I may still have moments of irrational anger during drunken card games with my friends…let’s just add it to the long list of what makes me completely charming. The difference? Those occasions are limited, and far less embarrassing than one’s I may have experienced when I was a rookie to the game. As a matter of fact, I will openly admit that I am still a slight mess when it comes to certain romantic relationships in my life, but at least I can say that I completely know better – and for that..am willing to take full responsibility for my actions, and feelings alike.

As for enlightening you on what should be done and/or accomplished in your late 20’s, I have no friggin’ clue – because I am still figuring it out myself. The beauty in it all, however, is that I have my karate kid face on – and am ready to take on whatever comes at me.

*A minor note to pending and/or future love interests: I will not karate chop you…unless you’re into that kind of thing.* #JustSaying

For those in the same boat as me, I hope you are as excited for the ride as I am.

To wrap things up, I want to leave you with something:

It is horribly clique to say that “life is short,” but it comes with experience, and some wisdom to realize that is actually is. With that I say…take risks, do things that scare you, don’t be afraid to tell someone how you feel, have your heart broken, grow from it, be ridiculous, dance in the rain, drink wine in your pajamas, laugh until you nearly burst, learn how to Dougie, eat too much chocolate – but most importantly, believe in yourself…

Every. Single. Day.

Until next time,

Bring it on, 30.

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