When a Brown Suede Journal Brought Me Back to Life…

I know….I know, I’ve dropped off the face of the Earth, and with that – you have been slowly dying inside while waiting for me to, once again, share my wisdom with all of you. Well, lucky for you – I’m ready to start writing again. The inspiration for this sudden urge came from a very unexpected place…

After wasting almost an entire day sleeping off a hangover as a result of staying up til nearly 8 AM, I found my 5th wind – and decided to suck it up, and join my very attractive friends for a girls night. How did I possibly muster up the energy to such a thing, you ask? Well, it’s simple – I am a machine. Well – that, and I see absolutely no reason for staying in on a Saturday night as a single 27 year old rock star. So, with that made perfectly clear – I faked my best A game, and hit the town running.

While at the 2nd bar of the night, and a questionable amount of Vodka tonics – my friends and I were lucky enough to meet a young girl who was very eager to be the 4th member in our female wolf-pack (I mean, who wouldn’t be?). While conversed in casual conversation, I brought up the fact that I was a writer…immediately after that statement, her eyes widened – and she pulled out a faded brown suede journal from her Vera Bradley bag. Obviously, I was intrigued to see what her excitement was all about. She told me that she, too, had a passion for writing – and that she keeps a journal with her at all times so she can ask people like me to spill their thoughts onto a page or two. Of course, I thought this is completely genius, and was extremely thrilled to be a part of the magic. For two pages, I rambled on about what was bugging me in that current moment. It was both unexpected and wonderfully liberating to be able to share my raw emotions to a stranger on paper.

When waking up the next day, that situation was the first thing that came to mind. This 23 year old girl had the raw passion about writing that I use to inhabit. A passion that has since been tucked away by the pressures, and overall suffocation of the real world as a person in their upper 20’s. It became clear to me that, somewhere along the way, I lost the girl who would too – carry about a faded brown suede journal in her bag. And you know what? That realization scared the bajesus out of me, and I refuse to let it continue another day.

I have always been a person who believes that life is about passion, taking chances, and doing things on impulse. Sure, the result of these emotions might not always be positive, or even effective – but at least I can say that I followed my intuition. After all, that’s what life is about – and when coming into your own…it is sometimes easy to lose focus of the characteristics and qualities that make you shine. Whether it be the confidence to tell someone how you feel, the drive to get to next step of your education and/or career, or the passion to follow your deepest dreams….don’t ever lose sight – because your never know when those things could be beaten off your path of life and true contentment for good.

Now, don’t we all feel better? I certainly do.

Until next time….

I’m going to leave you with something to laugh at as you drift of to dreamland…because I care.

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